Packaging Tape

We have aligned ourselves with the top names in tape manufacturing and only carry brand name products from North American Manufacturing sources. We have developed a quality strategy around good, better and best that suits all clients’ needs and requirements.ne of the key secrets to adhesive tape products is in picking the right product for the application and that is where we come in.

Shrink Film

Shrink wrap film is more of an art form than science. Getting films to shrink properly on packages consistently requires application knowledge and control of all the variables that affect the outcome. We specialize in Shrink wrap and films and have the factory trained expertise in every category affecting the quality of your final package.


Hot Melt Tape

Hot melt tapes are made from three components. A BOPP plastic film layer, a release coating for easy unwinding and an aggressive rubber/synthetic adhesive. This produces a tape with incredible bonding power that can penetrate the hardest to adhere materials. This makes hot melt tapes ideal for packaging operations that use high recycled content cartons.

Rubber Adhesive Tapes

Rubber adhesive tapes offer the most aggressive adhesive available in standard packaging tapes. Made from natural or synthetic rubber, these tapes have increased tack and bond quickly with their container. The strength of rubber adhesive packaging tape makes it ideal for use with cartons made from high recycled content, very rough or smooth surfaces or printed with heavy ink coverage. The increased tack of the tape helps it adhere in dusty, dirty environments as well as humid and high-temperature conditions.

Water-Activated Tape

Water-activated tape breaks from the normal formula of traditional packaging tape. Water-activated tape, or WAT, is made from four separate layers. The layers consist of a two kraft paper laminate layers reinforced with fibreglass material and the water-based adhesive. WAT’s starch-based adhesive is activated when water is applied. This formula creates a destructive bond that penetrates deep into the cartons fibres. The increased strength of WAT tape makes it optimal cartons with high recycled content or that require increased security.


Anti-Theft Packaging

When used as a primary or secondary packaging method, shrink wrap film can increase the security of a wrapped product. Keep products together with effective bundling or prevent packages from being opened. The strong film does not loosen or slack with age, reaming taught and making it difficult to remove the contents without first removing the film itself. The increased security provided by shrink wrap makes it a popular method of bundling multiple products together for sale such as paint trays and rollers or stationary.

Increased Branding Space

Shrink wrapping products with high-quality polyethylene films increase product branding opportunities. This is commonly seen in packs of bottled water and pop. Registered shrinks films are available to ensure your shrink wrapped packaging delivers consistency with each product packaged.

Shrink Wrap Preserves Food

When you shrink wrap a package you not only protect it from theft and contamination, you can extend its life cycle beyond what would normally be seen. When used to wrap fresh produce shrink films can promote a healthy exchange of gasses and slow evaporation. This helps to keep the harmful gasses that are the cause spoilage while helping keep produce fresh. Shrink films can also contain UV protection, reducing the colour fade or damage caused by direct light.