KitCart™ Pipe & Joint System

Flexibility. Simplicity. Productivity.

Lean Production Equipment & Workstation

Suited for industries such as; Aerospace, Manufacturing, Automotive, Medical, etc. to boost their manufacturing capability.

Aerospace Kitting & After Market Services

Perfect application for Automotive Aftermarket in organizing tools, machine spare parts and more.

Material Flow, Logistics & Assembly Lines

Additional cushioning to house prototypes and other high-value products.

Lean Production Equipment & Workstation

KitCart™ Pipe and Joint System well suited to industry’s that maintains world-class standards of processes. Lean management, Six-Sigma, and other systems greatly benefit the use of this system.

Ergonomically Designed

Bespoke solution equates to perfect convenience to adopt any unique and challenging requirement.

Optimised Productivity

A perfectly customized working area provides comfort to provide a fast and efficient productivity

Aerospace Kitting & Aftermarket Services

A perfect compliment to “High-Performance Foam Tool”, Flexi™ Pipe and Joint System is customized to comply “Lean Management System” and other international standard processes.

Right Solution for Every Needs

Flexi™ Pipe and Joint System are highly customizable that perfectly fits any kind of system.

Simple Transport Trolley & Racks

Aerospace production and maintenance areas strictly require a failsafe internal logistics systems

Material Flow, Logistics & Assembly Lines

An efficient method of keeping supplies smoothly coming in. A very straight-forward approach to creating a roller conveyors support, simply handling industry standard containers and carriers. From highly sensitive goods to bulky items – you don’t have to worry about safety.

Optimised Handling Area

Suited to be ergonomically comfortable to working that everything is within reach.

Protection for Semiconductors

Flexi™ Pipe and Joint System are ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) safe compliant.

KitCart™ Pipe & Joint System Projects & Prototypes

For years customers and partners trusted our dedication in delivering their expectations. Industries such as aircraft maintenance, manufacturing, automation, and tooling are just a few to mention out of hundreds we have served and will continue to produce highly innovative and competitive solutions.