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XPAC Technologies

As the leading manufacturer of smart, high-performance and customisable packaging solutions, we look to not only provide high-quality products but to also reinvent, reimagine and inspire the packaging industry. We leverage on technology, to customise our products from the application to aesthetics - all to fit the need of our customers. While we’re mainly based in Singapore, many of our specialised products are purchased by companies internationally. As a thought leader. we look to not only provide the best products to our customers but to also advocate and lead by example.

We do so by empowering employees, customers, industries and individuals to partake in our journey towards environmental sustainability. We invest heavily in our research and development to improve on our sustainable packaging, reducing waste from production, reusing materials for office applications, as well as challenging our customers to join us in our journey to care for our environment.

Together, our goal is to constantly innovate, be cost-efficient, remain environmentally sustainable, and maintain top service standards to give consumers the best holistic packaging solution that fits their needs.



Leveraging technology by implementing machinery to provide fast, high-quality and precise packaging solutions for both our corporate and mass marketing customers.


Evolutionise the packaging industry with new products, progressively sustainable solutions, and streamline packaging processes.

Facility and people

Rigorous testing procedures to assure quality standards are met for all products. Highly trained operators and specialists to ensure these standards are adhered.

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